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What is bot or fake traffic?

If you need to generate traffic for your website then you can contact a company that can help you with it. Some of the website developers may however be using spamming or bot to generate fake traffic which is not a healthy practice. They use bot to generate traffic and when you check the traffic that comes to your site then you would see the statistics are high. This is however not the actual figure and may do nothing for promoting your brand. This is why make sure that you hire a web professional who does not follow this practice and helps you to get genuine traffic.

Generating fake traffic can give a site an ego boost but it would not help you to recognize the actual traffic from the fake one. Most of the bloggers are using bot for creating fake traffic but the reality is that it does nothing for their site. It uses the serverís space and can in fact slow down your website which means the genuine traffic may not be able to get access to it. The fake traffic is not human and is generated with the help of programs and softwares like bot. Some people use this program for their website as it makes it appear more popular. But if you want to know the actual statistic related to the traffic then it is best to avoid using bot.